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Random IT Guy was started in 2011 by JC Rosero, a guy that just wanted his own free Google Apps domain in a time when that was a thing. He began experimenting with the Blogger platform soon after and explored the most interesting topics on his blog, such as how to update your TV's firmware (most viewed post), using a subpar product to stand up a friend's web site (gripping work really), and shamelessly attempting to promote an acquaintance's app to the world.  Join him in his fourth attempt to launch RitG, as he finally decides to shift the focus on the things he does often:  tinker, tussle, think, and travel, with some mobile photography sprinkled in.


Don't like pictures from my travels?  That's okay, take a gander at my journal.  I promise that it'll be more interesting than instructions for how to install Ubuntu on an old laptop, though I may occasionally write up instructions on how to do something for my own reference.


Want to know more about this crazy dude that takes pictures of his trips and thinks he's got worthy thought to put out on the Internet?