La casa del arbol, Baños, Ecuador

Random IT Guy is a twenty something computer nerd/traveler/MMA practioner/small business owner who tends to (over)think many different topics throughout the day.  

Occasionally, he'll stumble across something that he finds highly relevant like Stoic philosophy or retirement planning, and will obsess over it for an undetermined amount of time and seek more knowledge.  Unfortunately, more often than not, this forgetful INTP will only retain 10% of the knowledge gained, and the rest is wasted.  It could also be the blows to the head, but we'll just blame it on his partially unscientific personality type.

In an effort to provide more value to others that may have similar interests, or that also get hit in the head often, he's set out to write a blog about the things that he's found helpful and interesting along his journey through life and the world.  Hopefully his search for answers will help will save others from spending the time on topics that are important, but perhaps not interesting to them.  Also, this blog will help spare his friends from having to hear about his thoughts when going out for drinks.

Follow along and engage with the posts as he figures out what he's doing and how he's doing it.