QOTD: February 26, 2018

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

I WISH I were going a better job at posting these snippets daily.  I PLAN on using my time off for the next 10 or so days to make this a daily habit.  It sounds like I'm spending my time doing something trivial, but I've committed to the fact that I need to be regular in my journaling.  This blog, along with my 5 Minute Journal, and my daily quotes on my Instagram, is one of the ways  I'm planning on doing so.

When I thought about this yesterday, I remembered many of the times where I lived with my head in the clouds.  I wish I had a better job, I wish I could experience new things, I wish I had better relationships, I wish I felt fulfilled.  Fortunately, through some effort, some humility, and whole lot of luck, I'm on a path where I am empowered to turn my wishes into plans which can possibly to turn into reality.  Secretly though, I'm learning to enjoy the planning and executing, and not getting caught up with anticipating the result.

So how about you Internet, what are you wishing for that you're going to turn into a plan that'll eventually turn into reality?